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Good evening, everyone. It’s good to see you all here at the FCC X’mas party. I’m Kanako Aihara, and I’ve been studying English at FCC for about 5 years. I’m a little bit nervous, but this is a good chance to give a speech, so I want to enjoy such a precious opportunity. Today I’d like to talk about 2 topics. First is about the process of my motivation for English changing as time. Second is that I’ll express my gratitude.

First of all, let me recall the beginning of my English life at FCC. Basically, I’m indecisive, but when I read FCC’s Website, I made a snap decision. I’m now 100% sure that my decision has not been wrong. I still remember the time I took a class for the first time. I was so nervous, and I couldn’t speak English at all. I wanted something that made me enthusiastic and released my stress from work, and I had been interested in English, so I just concentrated on studying. So, my motivation was to have a nice hobby.

As I gradually improved my English skills for the first few years, I came to enjoy learning, but I couldn’t still have enough conversation in English. Every time I came to FCC, I watched students talking with teachers in English. I really wanted to enjoy talking with teachers and people from other countries in English. That’s the second purpose and motivation. I started participating in some FCC events like speaking café, English volunteer work, and chat roulette, because I realized I had to speak English to improve. Since Mr. Akamine told me that I might as well participate in chat roulette at least 100 times, I’m setting myself a target of 100 times. After reaching my goal, I expect something will change. Now I continue to learn English even more enthusiastic and passionate than before because I live English. In addition, my goal has changed. Of course, I want to enjoy talking with teachers in English. Furthermore, I’d really like to be fluent in English and use it at work in the future. I don’t know If I’ll be able to achieve my goal, but I intend to keep on making efforts to achieve my goals going forward. I believe slow and steady win the race. Thus, my motivation for English has completely changed.

What has supported and stimulated me are the FCC teachers, staff, and friends learning together, so I want to express my gratitude. First, thank you teachers. I’ve improved little by little because of you. They showed me the fun of learning English. Also, I want to thank the FCC staff, 赤峰さん、荒牧さん、平井さん、川村さん、and 阿津坂さん. They encourage me to set a goal and continue to study by advising and giving us many kinds of events. Moreover, thank you friends. I’ve made friends through chat roulette and classes. Their efforts toward each person’s goals and existence of friends stimulates me to learn and I’m having an enjoyable time at FCC.

To sum up, thanks to the support, kindness, and stimulation from many people, I’m encouraged to aim to improve my English skills more positively, and in the end I got a new dream. I deeply appreciate your gracious support.

It’s time to stop talking.

Finally. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a happy new year.

Thank you very much.



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