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The Great Escape


Hello everyone! Satomi is writing today’s blog.

Today I am going to post in English.



【The Great Escape】


Last Thursday I got in trouble.


Ryota (Kawamura), Alex and I left FCC at 22:10. We were going out of the back entrance. There are two doors. We could get through the first one as usual but the next one couldn’t be opened. There had been four men working in the building and one of them said to us that the lock was stuck. We got locked in!!


At that time I didn’t think it would take 30 minutes to get out.


There was a shutter also through which people walking on the street stared at us. I felt as if we were animals in a zoo.


Someone called the security office and in 5 minutes a security man showed up. I thought we would get out soon but I was wrong. He had no idea how to fix the broken lock!


We started looking for solutions again. The only one thing we could think of was opening the shutter but for that we needed to get into the security room of the building and press the button to open it. However it was not as easy as we imagined.


The security man had a master key for the security room so the first step was done in a minute but finding the button puzzled most. The button was supposed to be in a box with a lock and nobody there knew either where the key was or which box it was in.


It was 22:30. If I hadn’t been able to get out by 23:00 I would have missed my last train and would have had to find somewhere to stay for the night.


The security man said that if he could get in the room himself he might be able to find the key.


But how?? He was still outside.


Then he climbed up the wall (or might have used the stepladder) and got to the second floor of the building. One of us unlocked the door from inside and he came down to the first floor on which the security room is located. Soon after that he actually discovered the box and the magic key!!


By the time the shutter was finally opened it was 22:40. I rushed into my train, and got it!


I was really relieved but suddenly a loud noise surprised me. A passenger in the next car had fallen down or passed out or something and he seemed to have hit his head. He didn’t move a bit.


The train stopped and an announcement was made that we would have to wait until an ambulance arrived. It took 15 minutes before the train was back in service.


When I got home it was 24:10, a 2 hour adventure!


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